Training Teatro Fisico

TTF PROGRAM: it is a 4-year study career dedicated to the study of physical theatre. It is divided in three phases: the first two years are dedicated to the physical theatre basics. The third year is an in-deep study of the drama, interpretation and creation themes. The fourth year, should the TTF student be accepted to enroll, focuses primarily on three goals; the creation of a personal show; the performance and direction of a theatre play; the study of Lecoq’s pedagogy.

HOW IS IT ORGANIZED? The TTF programme does not require the student to attend every year a minimum amount of hours and it doesn’t foresee any mandatory assessment.
Besides the three lessons per week, the student will have the possibility to choose one or more courses among the Satellite Courses and to take part in the workshop called Selfcourse, where the students have themes assigned weekly to create performances aimed to favour the comprehension of those themes. Those creations are performed in front of the other students.

OFFERS the possibility to obtain:
– Certificate di 1° livello: 2 anni di studio
– Certificate di 2° livello: 4 anni di studio

STUDY PLAN: First yearSecond yearThird yearFourth year

THEATER TEACHERS: Philip Radice, Calogero Marchese, Giorgia Dell’Uomo, Marcello Turco.

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