Unbelievable but true, 
ATELIER TEATRO FISICO Philip Radice celebrates its 25th anniversary!!!

ATF has stood the test of time, the obstacles of bureaucracy, a world economic crisis, and so far a global pandemic… and nonetheless has become an integral part of the city of Turin’s cultural landscape, a reference point for training in Italy and abroad!
Yes, we are still here, healthy and safe (almost), diligently battling against the odds of staying open. Just as other private theater educational and cultural centers, the pressures during the Pandemic to remain solvent cannot be ignored.

And above all we renew every day this stubborn willpower with the aim of continuing to “make culture”, at any cost and with any means at our disposal. To celebrate this huge achievement Philip Radice has decided to undertake a new in-house theatrical production, consolidating the collaboration with the director Jon Kellam and the authoritative pen of Molière – after the success of the ‘Imaginary Invalid’ – to stage a show that: ‘Tartuffe’ in Superdrama version!

In this period of incredible difficulties for Culture, deciding to produce a play is not only a challenge, it becomes a revolutionary action. Do you want to celebrate with us this important anniversary, 25 years of commitment, tears and laughter? You can support Atelier Teatro Fisico and the production of TARTUFO by clicking here, but first, we’d like to share an overall view of what we accomplished these last twenty-five years, to take a little trip through the history of ATF (and to perhaps confirm that we are a bit crazy…!?).

Since 1995/96, the year in which the Atelier Teatro Fisico was born, we have had the opportunity to train close to 1200 people in various theater courses, as well as other performing art classes known as the satellite courses. We are especially proud of our P.A.U.T. graduates (the intensive Performing Arts University Torino program with the obligation of at least 1000 hours of lessons per year, established in 2003).

We have organized more than 50 intensive workshops, with established masters in the many alternative disciplines dear to the ATF such as Clown, Commedia dell’Arte and Butoh Dance, puppets, etc.
From 2002 to the present, we have put on more than 180 Performing Parties, the monthly student variety show (bringing it to the stage during the 2020/21 lockdowns in a streaming version as well).

From 2007 to 2019 we organized and promoted the Potpourrì festival – which concluded its XII edition in the year 2019/20, bringing on stage more than 70 shows. A playbill characterized by a completely different and alternative comic matrix, to reflect the values and spirit of “underground comedic theater”.

In 2018, the Atelier Teatro Fisico Lecce was born on the other side of Italy in Puglia, our first branch, founded and directed by Chiara Saurio, a PAUT alumna.

Finally, the official productions of the Atelier Teatro Fisico:
-CASTING edition I (2008), Philip Radice
-CASTING edition II (2010) Philip Radice
-MAGNA ITALIA (2015), Eugenio Allegri
-I PROGENITORI (2016), Philip Radice

The production for 2020/2021 is Molière’s ‘ TARTUFFE’ in Superdrama version, directed by Jon Kellam. You can follow the creation, the adventures of the characters and actors, discover historical and stylistic trivia, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the director on our FB page and official channel of Instagram.

Remember to support ATF by sharing the news, the blog containing interviews with Philip, plus articles expressing his insights on clown, comedy and theater. Following and participating in the productions will allow us to continue many more years of training and promoting the performing arts. Support culture by clicking [Here] and make a small or large (or very large!) donation.

It’s important to us!
Thank you.

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