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Atelier Teatro Fisico, international school of physical theater and performing arts, is happy to introduce the new school: ATF Clown and Comedy College.
This is a two-year educational program designed for professional performers or persons with performance experience who want to specialize in the art of visual/physical comedy and clown.

The intensive course of study consist of more than 700 class hours in a year. Lessons in physical theater, theatrical acrobatics, mime and pantomime, theatrical improvisation, use of voice form the base to build on the classes pertaining to the Art of comedy: clown, commedia dell’arte, superdrama, slapstick, the absurd, the eccentrics and buffoons, to name a few. In addition specific in-depth workshops will be organized with master teachers in different styles.

If you wish to become a competent professional in this field, get ready for an exciting journey! You will start with the study of the historical clown and the most varied styles and comedy genres. You will integrate the knowledge coming from different cultural and emotional experiences accumulated in your life to develop your own personal Comedic Characters. By mastering the techniques of Visual Comedy and the spoken theater, you will become a complete physical comedian, with your own personal conception of comedy and your own style. There is a special emphasis in the school for devised work, whether in groups or solo work. In addition, there will be opportunities to learn the staging of comedic routines and sketches.

The structure of the Atelier with all its “satellite” courses will be available to all students, so you can add and integrate to the study program additional skills, to enhance an even more complete and in-depth preparation.

Registration will take place by filling in the specific form to be sent no later than December 14, 2019. The selection will be by audition or by sending video material / presentation (if the artist is unable to turn up, auditions have priority over the simple sending of the material. The auditions periods are: will take place at Atelier Teatro Fisico between 16 December 2019 and 5 January 2020 with a calendar to be defined. The program will takes place from January 13, 2020 to December 19, 2020 with a break in summer months.

For further details and information contact Atelier Teatro Fisico 011/2490112 – 348/1026073 –

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