Welcome to our Erasmus European Partnership Project “Cour’Age” 2022 – 2023.

The “Cour’Age” is a trans-European project which aims to create a new type of training for adults in professional transition. We chose to tackle a complicated socio-economic context, where high unemployment rates meet an aging population and a major slowdown in economic activity following the Covid pandemic, by bringing courage and initiate change through theatrical practice, providing theatrical skills to be used for further professional development and creating self confidence while offering a professional network.

By implementing the “Cour’Age” project, we aim to develop an alternative multidisciplinary training for disadvantaged adult learners, toallow them better socio-professional outcomes and integration into European society. To do so, we intent to bring together transversal theatrical and visual skills.

We celebrate the collaboration between 5 European countries, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece and Italy, each represented by experienced professionals in the field of Performing Arts.

The proud collaborators are :

Eco Culture Asbl ~ Belgium

Atelier Teatro Fisico ~ Italy

Θέατρο εΦ – Ομάδα θεάτρου & Present Being Performer Laboratory – Physical Theatre Education ~ Greece

Open Acting Academy Wien ~ Austria

Theaterwerkstatt Hannover ~ Germany

>> First meeting in Vienna in 28-30 June 2022 at the Open Acting Academy Wien!

A meeting between higly skilled theatre professionals in the fiels of corporeal theatrical expression exchanging theatrical training methods and approaches.

An intercultural and interdisciplinary connection in the heart of Austria!

For details of all collaborative Institutes and updates on our schedule follow and connect with us here

We wish for a productive and strengthening journey.

Erasmus +

Co-funded by the European Union

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