Open Letter dedicated to you all!

Dear Student, we are in our 25th* year since the opening of the Atelier Teatro Fisico and we thought we would pay homage to all the students who have passed through this school, forming and growing as individuals and artists. 

In any context and work, the individual and collective experience born and matured during the formative years at Atelier Teatro Fisico, makes the Art of theatre important, visible and recognizable in all its facets.
The artistic profession is for us a source of pride. It renews and reinforces the confidence in a formative project that resists regardless of the hardships.

Like a mirror, it reflects on all the former students who work and perform around the world. For this reason we are working on a section of our website entirely dedicated to alumni! 
A place where we can mention you all!

If it’s a pleasure to participate, we ask you to send us a photo and a brief description of your post ATF journey, whether or not you are still active as an artist or not (please specify the programs or courses you frequented, and the year/s you attended PAUT, TTF and SATELLITE COURSES). You can indicate your website, FB and Instagram pages, YOUTUBE channels that you prefer to include in your description and we would be very happy to receive also a video testimony, in the format you prefer!

The reference email is and the section dedicated to alumni will be ready soon and updated monthly by the end of August 2021: so it becomes important to send the complete material as soon as possible!


*If you want to make a small gift to ATF you can contribute here.
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