News Letter 08-11-23

The lighting engineering workshop, right here at the Atelier Teatro Fisico!

The workshop will be a journey of discovery and understanding in the world of lighting engineering with the goal of educating the students on planning and managing lighting for the stage. The workshop will provide the students with the right tools for both the planning and the practical aspects of lighting engineering.

The educational path has a distinct theme, in order to stimulate the understanding of the various languages, expressive and communicative alike, of lighting engineering.

The subject will be discussed and put in action every step of the way, from basic theory to practice, to allow the students to fully understand the best applications of lighting engineering.

“To write, is to darken a white page; to do theater, is to light up a black box.”
(Joel Jouanneau)

Contents and general lines:

  • Electricity and basic nomenclature
  • Technical components (Dimmer, mixer, etc.)
  • Lights typology
  • Color theory
  • Light and color psychology
  • Documentation (lighting plot, data sheet, magic & cue sheet)
  • light plan ideation and creation
  • Devising (putting everything in practice)
  • Corrections of the work done and feedback

Who is Rosa Vinci?

Graduated from the Atelier Teatro Fisico as an actress, Rosa deepend her artistic skills, taking a particular interest in lighting engineering and studying with experts of this industry

(Pierpaolo Nuzzo-Lighting Engineering 2015 and 2016, Dawn Wittke-Lighting Design 2016). Throughout the years Rosa has worked with many theater companies as a lighting and sound technician: companies such as Nouvelle Plague Teatro, ATF Company, Donkey flies when fly lies, Alfred the Magician, etc. She was the technical manager of the Torino Fringe Festival 2019 an the official technician of the ATF Potpourri theater festival from 2016 onwards.

Clown & Comedy Class

Clown is the art of making people laugh.

Whoever wishes to play a clown skillfully, must have a mastery and proper technique of Mime and Visual Comedy, combined with acting skills.

🗓  The class, from 7 pm to 11 pm, will be held every Tuesday, from the end of October to the end of May!

🎭 Starting from the study of the historic circus clown, we will travel through different techniques and styles, thus discovering many new possibilities for making the audience laugh. This knowledge, integrated with the character traits of each participant with different cultural and emotional experiences, allows you to obtain a personal clown and a unique performance style.

You can enroll by clicking here!

Performing B-Party!

Did you know that this year the wondrous Performing PartyThe students’ cabaret – turns 20 years old?

From the very beginning of the ATF, Philip Radice, who is its founder and director, discovered that many of the students enrolling in the school already had a performance background. This, integrated into the new material learned in school and then elaborated into a teaching methodology that involves the continuous creation and conception of new pieces, opened up the possibility that a show, instead of once a year, could be achievable every month!

This venture became a student-led and organized project.

So, in 2003, Philip launched a new variant of this never-before-established tradition, a monthly Variety show! He called it the Performing Party and the first one was born in October 2003. Apart from the pandemic period, every year we have never lost a monthly production. This means we have produced almost 200 hour and a half long shows!

Read the full article on our blog


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