Potpourri is the exhibition of comic theatre organized and promoted by the Atelier Teatro Fisico. It has become a standing appointment for the city of Turin. The 9th edition foresees five months of theatre programme – from December 2016 to April 2017 – characterized by a comic matrix completely different and alternative to the language and the expressive styles used in TV shows, reflecting the values and the spirit of the “underground theatre”.
The artists who will exhibit are the merging artists/companies who are professionals in the field or already successful artists/companies who can present a show in progress. Traditionally, Potpourri also offers two workshops held by famous artists.
Potpourri aims to be an open space for confrontation, but also hospitable as much as possible, thanks to some pre-show moments, such as the “welcoming with appetizers” on Saturdays night and the “tea time with the artists” on Sundays.
The shows will be on Saturday night at 9 pm and will be repeated on Sunday afternoon at 6 pm.

CALENDAR 2019/20

30 november 2019 (h.21.00) 
01 december 2019 (h.18.00)
04 january 2020 (h.17.30)
05 january 2020 (h.17.30)
01 february 2020 (h.21.00)
02 february 2020 (h.18.00)
07 march 2020 (h.21.00)
08 march 2020 (h.18.00)
28 march 2020 (h.21.00)
29 march 2020 (h.18.00)
25 april 2020 (h.21.00) – SPECIAL GUEST
26 april 2020 (h.18.00) – SPECIAL GUEST
Dal 27/04 al 01/05 2020 – WORKSHOP SPECIAL GUEST


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