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We are at the heights of the summer season! Since the school went on its break, I launched into the summer projects of repairs, cleaning, and small renovations. Unfortunately this year due to COVID, we did not organize a summer study workshop.

However, there is always so much to do after a year of all the physical activity here! The constant creation of pieces required throughout the year means the classrooms and performance space are used a great deal, necessitating a period of “restoration”.  This also includes sorting and tossing of accumulated new objects, scenery, clothing, and whatever else that seems to find its way into the building!

However, we are gearing up for 2021-22! With the uncertainties caused by the pandemic still lingering, enrollment requirements have been modified to give more time to  potential students who have yet to apply for a an entrance interview. To facilitate this process, three dates have been designated where I will be present on-line to talk about the programs and the methodology of study here at ATF! I encourage anyone interested in our programs and training to join me! (See dates below)

Dates and times of online Info Encounter 
At this link you can have a talk with Philip Radice:…
Friday 20th August – 6.30 p.m italian time / italian spoken 
Saturday 28th August – 6.30 p.m. italian time / italian spoken
Saturday 28th August –  8.00 p.m. italian time / english spoken

Here you will find every information about school, method, perspectives and people, to discover the Atelier Teatro Fisico world!!

If you are unable to connect on the dates above for the on-line encounter, please send your request for information to, on subject line write APPLICATION. If a formal request is submitted to enroll, you’ll be contacted for a personal interview. 

Starting day for the theater classes will be September 20th with the new first year students. On the 27th September starts second year, and then from October 4th all other classes will begin. Their eventual days and times will soon be updated and posted on the website before September. They can be found on the website under ORARI. In addition, under ORARO 2021-22,  you can view the table of classes and their times during the week. 

Though the challenges before us are noteworthy,  I and my colleagues are making every effort  to assure that the performing arts education provided here at ATF is restored to its pre-pandemic levels. Though it is a precarious moment, it is also an opportunity to reevaluate and restructure in such a way that we won’t be threatened by closures.  It is a period we can reconsider changes that can enhance quality. 

To all our members and patrons who have followed  other ATELIER TEATRO FISICO initiatives like;
Festival Potpourri (supports emerging  companies or new works)
Performing Party ( the infamous shows produced monthly by the students open to the public)
ATF Productions (shows created for the ATF Players Company),
we are making all attempts to re-launch them. This Spring we managed three Performing Parties, and a ten day run of TARTUFO SUPERDRAMA: at the end of September we will have 10 more replicas, from September 23 to October 3, and from October the monthly Performing Parties will start again! 
In addition, workshops, seminars, laboratories are all being planned over the next academic year 2021-22. 

Therefore,  please support us, (SOStieni ATF -recall the crowd funding 2013!) and the Performing Arts by passing the word, participating in initiatives, and go see as many public performances as possible.


Registration is open for the 2021/2022 academic year

Also for this reason supporting culture is worthwhile!
Do you want to try to make a donation?
Click here … we are already grateful!

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