Super Job and Superdrama

A Super job! The exceptional show, TARTUFO SUPERDRAMA, finished its ten day run at Teatro 3D on Sunday the 27th.
The production sustained by ATELIER TEATRO FISICO is a part of an ongoing process of our educational program to produce high quality theater, innovative and pleasing to all types of audiences.

A collaboration between ATF and Jon Kellam (USA) who directed the advanced study students, the show’s success demonstrated the quality of professional training received at Atelier Teatro Fisico.

I thank everyone who participated in this effort: the students’ and their fortitude and sacrifices, to Jon and his competence and availability to share his skills with the students, the teachers who prepared the students in so many different skills, and of course, the staff who patiently put up with all the problems such a project can generate. And of course our audiences and supporters, who without them, there would be no meaning to what we do.

Thank you all! Philip Radice.

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