Touching the Basics

T.B. PROGRAM: it is tailored to those who wish to approach physical theatre in such a manner to develop a minimal awareness of this concept in relation to the art of acting. Starting with an educational path inspired on the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq (movement, neutral mask, mime, and corporal expression), the actor, through the study of universal non-verbal dynamics, acquires the ability to express himself physically in all the theatre languages. Due to its basic features, this training path is suitable also for those who – even without previous experience – simply want to improve their communication abilities and become more conscious and sensitive to their body and its expressive potentialities.

HOW IS IT ORGANIZED? It is a one-year course and the lessons – three hours long – are held once a week. It is also possible to add one or more Satellite Courses to the programme.

OFFERS: The basics of physical theatre.

STUDY PLAN: Click here

THEATER TEACHER: Giorgia Dell’Uomo.

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