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Founded in 1995 by Philip Radice, the Atelier Teatro Fisico is an internationally known non-profit APS Association and Circolo Arci. The school provides a complete and intensive alternative theatre training, directed to the future performing arts professionals. It aims at offering a 360° training in performing arts (theatre, dance, circus arts, music and singing) assuring a versatile and high quality study path, suitable to be customised according to the talents, inclinations and needs of each student.

The school is based on the pedagogical approach of the great master Jacques Lecoq and on the concepts developed by some “pioneers of the theatre physicality” such as Copeau, Meyerhold, Decroux and Grotowsky. The students will approach the physical nature of theatre, starting from the body movement and its expressive grammar. The theatre techniques of mime, mask, physical abilities and skills, body language and gestures are applied to several theatre genres – both comic and dramatic – paying special attention to creativity, inventiveness and expressive innovation. The school, furthermore, emphasizes the creation and production of original plays and theatre pieces. Through the intensive work on improvisation and development/presentation of the performance – known as Daily Selfcourse or Weekly Creation Workshop – they become vehicles of creativity and originality.

The organization of the centre is conceived so as to be accessible not only to those who aspire to lead a professional activity in such fields, but also to those who want to expand their personal knowledge for personal interest.

The experience I gained in 2003-2005 gave me great satisfactions and confirmations on my opinions correctness. I believe that this is the best solution as for performing arts study: an approach to training aiming to a solid and complete competence, which is not subject to temporary trends and creates the technical and theoretical groundwork in every kind of Performing Arts.

Philip Radice

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