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Founded in 1995 by Philip Radice, the Atelier Teatro Fisico is internationally recognized and offers alternative, complete and intensive theater training aimed at future entertainment professionals or those who wish to broaden their knowledge for personal interest.

The school refers to the pedagogical approach of the great master Jacques Lecoq and to the concepts developed by some “pioneers of theatrical physicality” such as Copeau, Meyerhold, Decroux and Grotowski. Students study the physical nature of theatre, starting from the movement of the body and its expressive grammar. The theatrical techniques of mime, mask, physical skills and competences, body language and gestures are applied to various theatrical genres, both comic and dramatic, with special attention to creativity and freshness and novelty of expression. A school that places emphasis on the creation and staging of original works and theatrical pieces.

It presents various training programs from the intensive (PAUT) to the Introduction to Theater course up to the possibility of approaching the long list of possible satellite courses that are part of the theatrical universe of the Atelier Teatro Fisico.

Training Programs

PAUT – Performing Art University Turin

It is a 4-year intensive study program divided into two phases. The first three years are dedicated to the basics of physical theater and the in-depth study of dramaturgy, interpretation and creation. To complete the study, which is equivalent to a university degree, the program offers a fourth year that focuses on playing a character in a show, creating your own show, staging and directing a play, and studying of Lecoquian pedagogy.

It is a 4-year study path dedicated to the study of physical theater divided into two phases. The first three years are dedicated to the basics of physical theatre, to the in-depth study of dramaturgy, interpretation and creation.

TTF – Physical Theater Training

The fourth year is allowed to those who have reached certain criteria and who formally request it. It focuses on the interpretation of a character in a show, on the creation of one’s own show, on the staging and direction of a theatrical work, and on the study of Lecoquian pedagogy.

Approach to the Theatre

It is dedicated to those who want to approach physical theater starting from the principles of movement and gestures, with a path inspired by the pedagogy of the great French master Jacques Lecoq.

Through physical theatre, the actor acquires the ability to express himself in all theatrical languages, through the study of the universal dynamics of communication. Being a basic training course, it is also suitable for those who, without previous experience, simply want to increase their communication skills and have greater awareness of their body and its expressive potential.

Clown Comedy College

A two-year course in which a total of more than 800 hours of study are dedicated to the art of visual comedy, through the study of the clown, the jester, the eccentric character, slapstick, and all the genres that can form a artist to become a “visual comedian”.

Satellite courses

The Atelier Teatro Fisico, in order to offer a wide range of possibilities and choice of performing arts courses, offers specific courses on approximately 40 disciplines within its structure which include the theatrical, circus, musical, dance and arts fields. various.
These courses are intended for students of the PAUT, TTF and APPROACH training programmes, as optional subjects from which to choose the composition of their training curriculum, but also for anyone who wants to acquire a specific skill among the proposals listed: you can choose to attend one or multiple courses without necessarily being enrolled in any theater training program


The Atelier Teatro Fisico organizes monothematic workshops on a regular basis which, under the guidance of a teacher chosen from time to time among the best experts in the subject, allow students or any other enthusiast in possession of any prerequisites to study techniques, topics, peculiar aspects of themes ranging from dance theater to the construction of masks, from commedia dell’arte to lighting engineering, and so on…


It is a fundamental part of the pedagogy of the Atelier Teatro Fisico. Every week the students, divided into groups, are invited to create a short original theater piece starting from a specific subject or theme addressed during the theater lessons. This activity continuously stimulates the student’s creativity and simulates the dynamics within a theater company. Mandatory for P.A.U.T. students. (Performing Art University Turin), optional and generally recommended for T.T.F. students. (Physical Theater Training).