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The teachers of our school


foto del docente Philip Radice
Philip Radice

He is an American theater actor, theater director, author, teacher of theatrical disciplines, founder and director of the Atelier Teatro Fisico and of PAUT – Performing Arts University Turin, bringing a school of Physical Theater and a complete program to Italy for the first time and customizable for professional performing arts training.
He studied with C.Caux (former teacher at the École Internationale de Mimodrame de Paris Marcel Marceau of Marcel Marceau), student of L.Pitt (San Francisco, California) and of the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theater (Blue Lake, California). He moved to Paris in January 1980 to attend the Jacques Lecoq International Theater School of Jacques Lecoq where he graduated in 1982 and in 1984 he arrived in Turin, where he settled. In 1985 he was one of the founders of the Dizziacs Theater Company with which he made several tours in Europe.

Teaches: Physical Theater / Theatrical creation / Study of comedy / Direction and staging


Graduated in 2012 from the University of Rome3 as Professional Community Educator with a thesis on the history of clowns in the artistic field and in social contexts.

She is enrolled in the third year of the Psychosynthetic Counseling School.

She graduated from the four-year program: Performing Art University Turin; at the Atelier Teatro Fisico Philip Radice. She is now a pedagogical assistant and teacher at the Atelier Teatro Fisico.

He trained and deepened his study of the clown in particular with: Jean Meningue (2009-2017), Vladimir Olshansky (2009), Emmanuel Gallot-Lavallèe (2011), Miloud Oukili (2012), Giorgio Donati (2014), Philip Radice ( 2014-2016), Rita Pelusio (2014), Jef Johnson (2016), Antonio Villella (2016-2020), Tardito/Rendina (2018-2019), Pierre Byland (2018), Gabriela Munoz (2019), Hilary Chaplain (2021 ), Hélène Gustin (2022).

In 2017 she took part in the 140-hour professional course “Comedy and entertainment” conducted by André Casaca and in 2022 she won the “Scholarship announcement for artistic residencies” at the C’Art Theatre, again under the guidance of André Casaca.

Over the years she has deepened her studies in dance, sensitive dance and in particular dance theater with Doriana Crema. She is a trainer at the Educators Without Borders association, in which she constantly holds workshops on the importance of the body, movement and theater in educational practice. She was responsible for clown and physical theater projects in the social sector in Italy, Romania, Albania, Honduras and Brazil. From 2006 to 2017 you worked as a clown in the hospital.

Actress from 2007 to 2012 at Tetraedro Compagnia Teatrale directed by Francesco Cerra in the shows: Il tempo trovato (2007-2012), Mother Language (2008), Domino (2009), Tempus est iocundum (2009-2012), Alice in città (2010 ), The Wizard of Oz (2010), The Voices of the Woods (2011), Quadrature (2011-2012), Attese (2010-2012).

Actress in the show “I progenitori” by the Atelier Teatro Fisico, directed by Philip Radice (2014), clown at the Circo Soluna, in Slovenia, from June to September 2017. In 2018, together with Silvia Borello and Giulia Rabozzi, she founded the company The Clown Angels and in 2021 he debuts with the clown and physical theater show “Bang Bang!”.

Teaches: Approach to Physical Theater / Physical Theatre


He is a tap dance dancer, teacher and choreographer. He began studying classical dance Vaganova method with teacher Cristina Trinchero and Jazz Dance with teacher Paolo Ravera. He continues and deepens his jazz studies at Steps on Broadway in NY with maestro Richard Pierlon.

Tap’s training began in Turin with teacher Margherita Marasigan and subsequently continued with an 8-month intensive at Steps On Broadway in New York, in particular under the guidance of Charles Goddertz, Jeff Shade, Claudia Rahardjanoto, Derek Roland, Lynn Schwab , Scott Thompson, Lesley Lockery, Andrew Nemr, Lisa la Touche and Ray Hesselink and for another 9 months at the LUTHIER escuela de dansa in Barcelona with the masters Guillem Alonso, Ruben Sanchez, Roser Font and Laia Molins.
He performs in the musical “Gloria pax in terra” by Mario Restagno, in the operetta “Ballo in maschera” by Verdi and in various shows with Paolo Ravera’s Dance Session Group company. In Turin at the opening of the 2006 Paralympics and in the opening ceremony of the Fencing World Championships and in a tap solo in Raffaella Carra’s program “Gran Concerto” broadcast on RAI 3.

Tap teacher at the M.A.S. Music Art & Show in Milan, at the CARMA Academy in Turin, the LAB School in Turin, the “Capogiro” Musical School in Fano. Choreographer for the musical company “Casa Bit” of Turin and the musical company “Neverland” of Fano.

In 2017 he was a Tap teacher at the Escuela Luthier in Barcelona, a teacher and performer for the Ajkun Ballet Theater in New York while in 2018 he was a Tap teacher at Steps on Broadway in New York.
Also in 2017 he was awarded as best dancer at the “Fini Dance Festival Alto Jonio Dance Award” and is the organizer of the Turin Tap Festival, the first international Tap Tap festival in Turin.

Teaches: Tap Dance


Born in Sao Paulo (Brazil), Dani owes his initial training to classical and contemporary ballet, which lasted from 2010 to 2015 at the Marcia Helena Classical Ballet Institute.

Performing in 2014 in the “BIZ Cia di dance” company, Dani gradually moves from dance to the world of theater and circus, starting first as a juggler, and then subsequently approaching and specializing as a hand-to-hand porteur and acrobatic tricks.

Having moved to Italy in 2015 to continue his circus training, Dani landed in Turin, where he increased his personal knowledge by attending the FLIC Circus School, graduating as an aerial acrobat of Chinese Pole.


Pianist by training and singer by passion, she graduated in theory and solfeggio at the Perugia Conservatory and studied classical and jazz piano.

In 2011, her meeting with Luisa Cottifogli allowed her to open up to the exploration of the voice and she began to be part of her ‘Orchestra Vocale del Sabato’. From there it’s a succession of experiences in the field of polyphony and vocal improvisation.

She meets Oskar Boldre, her teacher still today, and for 5 years she is part of her vocal orchestra ‘Ancore d’ Aria’. She studies and deepens with him the voice as an instrument and vocal improvisation.

He then studied with Bob Stoloff, Anita Daulne, Joey Blake, David Worm, Faraualla, Albert Hera, Charles Raszl… the most significant experience, however, was certainly the meeting with Rhiannon and the move to Hawaii for 3 months in 2018 to study with her .

She founded and directed Comicoro with Silvia Laniado since 2017, where they combine vocal improvisation, polyphony and comedian techniques applied to singing.

She is currently training as a presenter of Circlesong with Oskar Boldre and is part of the vocal project ‘Marilena Anzini e Ciwicè’ on their second album.

Teaches: Singing


Percussionist, body percussionist, tap dancer, street performer.
Domenico discovered the world of rhythm at the age of eight. His first instrument was the Egyptian darbuka, which he studied for about ten years (1997-2007) together with master Tarek Awad Alla.

In 2010 he began studying classical drums with the masters Mario Bracco and Gaetano Fasano. Between 2012 and 2015 he approached Brazilian percussion with master Gilson Silveira and took part in the Samba Communiqué.

In the two-year period 2016-2017 he studied at Philip Radice’s Physical Theater Atelier: here he dedicated himself to learning physical theater with Philip Radice, body percussion with Anselmo Luisi and tap dance with Cristina Molinari.

Fascinated by the musical potential of the body, he continued his studies of tap dance with Davide Accossato and body percussion with Peter Nielsen Stavrum, Keith Middleton and Sarah Lasaky (STOMP company), Charles Raszl (Barbatuques), Tupac Mantilla, Santiago Vazquez, Salvo Russo and Özgü Bulut.

Since 2017 he has been staging body percussion performances in theaters and cabarets. At the same time he continues his activity as a street performer with the solo show “RITMO”: percussion with objects, tap dance and clowning.

Teaches: Body Percussion


He is a professional actor and mime.

Graduated in Art, Music and Entertainment Disciplines at the University of Bologna, at the Nouveau Cirque Advanced Course at the Bologna Theater School and at the Performing Arts University of Turin directed by Philip Radice.

He perfected his training in Mime and Gestural Theater with masters such as Patrizia Besantini, Yves LeBreton, Steve Wasson and Corinne Soum, Johnny Melville, André Casaca, Familie Floz and many others.

Since 2002 he has been bringing his shows all over the world: his experience in the field ranges from classical theater to street art, from children’s shows to the new circus, from experimental theater to performances for large events.

This versatility has generated a vision of Gestural Theater as a universal and transversal language, the lowest common denominator essential to any genre and performance style.

His research in teaching began in 2008, and has consolidated over time by collaborating with many national training institutions.

Teaches: Mime and Pantomime / Theater with objects


Dancer trainer and choreographer, she founded Rapatika in 1984 as a dance company and since then has been involved in disseminating, promoting and enhancing contemporary dance in Piedmont.

In 2002 she created La Piattaforma, a research dance festival in the Piedmont area with the Didee Association and founded the Coorpi Coordinamento Danza Piemonte in the same year.

She manages Gene5, a room in Turin that hosts dance, yoga, taichi, children’s courses, internships, workshops, rehearsals and art meetings.

The objective is the contamination of dance with other disciplines, places and non-traditional contexts.

Teaches: Contemporary dance


In the artistic field she trained mainly with Anna Sagna (following training as an operator in the field of bodily expression) with Claude Coldy (sensitive dance) Raffella Giordano (dance-theatre / dance) Danio Manfrdini (theatre).

Over the years you have followed various seminars with choreographers in Italy and abroad.

Furthermore, trained as a psychosynthetic counselor, she attended the Academy of Psychoenergetics.

Teaches: Theatredance


She is a comedian, actress and vocal teacher. She pursues an artistic path in which she experiments with the use of the voice in all its nuances: opera, jazz, popular singing, monologues, readings, clownish vocal sketches.

He founded the company “Le due e un quarto” with which he proposes shows that combine comic theater and puppet theater in festivals and theaters around Europe and the world and the company “Trio Trioche” with which he interprets and reviews songs from the classical and opera music with a clownish twist.

Parallel to her artistic path, she develops a pedagogy for teaching vocality based on the Mod.A.i Methodology, vocal improvisation and other approaches encountered during her training.

Teaches: Singing


He is an actor, comedian, magician, teacher, author, director, trainer and doctor of economics and business. He attended various schools and various workshops: theatre, commedia dell’arte, cabaret techniques, comic histrionics, theatrical clown, jester, character construction, illusionism.

He has acted in numerous comedies playing various roles. He has participated in both national and local television and radio broadcasts. He was part of the Gnorri company led by Natalino Balasso and had numerous awards as an actor and comedian.

He has had cinematographic experience and with Buongiorno (Bekafilms) he was the protagonist of the most awarded short film in the history of Italian cinema.

Testimonial for the television series CSI Las Vegas for Fox International Channels (Italy Europe Asia)

Teaches: Comedy writing


Curious by nature. I am a journeying artist, actor, dancer and performer. I teach Theatre, Sensitive Dance®, Text Study and Diction. Doctor of motor sciences.

I am ambidextrous. I train every day to raise the bar, on stage and in life.

Being: a word, a verb, an attitude, a pedagogy. I am here, I am a life movement that embraces pedagogy, relationship, relationship with the body and sound, intertwining artistic work and teaching.

Being: my continually departing point of arrival.

Teaches: Diction / Text Study


He was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, in 1968. He first became an acrobatics champion in the then USSR, then encountered the world of circus and began to travel the world. He got his first medal almost immediately, at 18: he got three in total, Gorbachev gave them to him.

In 1989 he obtained the Master Sport in the Soviet Union, the highest recognition in the field. He goes to India and stays there for seven months and teaches the children of a local circus, in a few months he leads them to excellence. He subsequently worked in Damascus and Aleppo, always as an acrobat.

He achieved the bronze medal at the World Festival in Piazza Rossa in Moscow, then on tour in Ukraine he met the love of his life, a dancer named Victoria, and finally landed in Italy, in Cesenatico, where he worked for 4 years at the The Circus Art Academy is the first circus art academy in Italy. We are in the 2000s, the period in which he moved to Turin.

Teaches: Acrobatics


Born in ’91. “Pippo” since he was 1 year old because he had the Pampers bathrobe with the hippopotamus Pippo on it. The consequences are still visible.

He has always achieved a little less than passing grade in Italian subjects but this has not stopped him from becoming the author of his own texts. He always got the best in science subjects but this didn’t stop him from leaving engineering and starting a career as a comedian.

Between 2012 and 2016 he attended Philip Radice’s Physical Theater Atelier studying theatre, improvisation, creative writing, directing and a whole series of strange things like acrobatics and tap dancing.

His theatrical experience began when he founded the duo “Gilet and Salopet” with which he participated in various theater and street festivals. Then he joined the Antica Bottega di Improvvisazione group with which he improvised for 4 years until the company disbanded.

In 2017 he founded the group “Comici in Piedi” which is on stage twice a month on average.

Teaches: Theatrical acrobatics


He is a juggler, comedian, cabaret artist, mime, tightrope walker, presenter, street artist, director.

Since 2002 he has been touring festivals and squares around the world with his comic circus show “Non è Colpa Mia”. For 4 years he staged the mime show “The Monster” in schools in northern Italy.

Together with French artists he founded the company Les 3 Tetes de Cons – a clown trio that combines the manipulation of objects, object theatre, acrobatics and dance, while in the meantime he dedicated himself to stand-up comedy and wrote his one -man-show “American Clandestine”.

He created and held the role of artistic director for “Non Esattamente Teatro”, a collective of Turin performers.

He specialized in juggling at the Flic circus school from 2002-2005 and at the same time studied theater with Philip Radice, then moved to Paris and then to Brussels to further his training and artistic research.

He currently lives in Turin and continues to explore the use of objects, write monologues, and create new shows.

Teaches: Unusual Juggling / Playing Skillfull


He is a Shiatsu instructor graduated from the Sinestesi school of Massimo Boeris. I have been studying and practicing bionatural disciplines since 2010.

After having practiced martial arts for years, even at a competitive level, for 6 years I have been deepening my knowledge of the body with Chinese medicine, deep and conscious breathing and the Wim Hof method.

Everything that favors the harmonious union of body, mind and spirit falls into my field.

Teaches: Recovery of the body


After attending the University of Literature and Philosophy, he discovered circus disciplines: starting with juggling and manipulation of fire in 2012, coinciding with the intensification of yoga and meditation practices.

In 2014/2015 she attended the intensive course at the Cirko Vertigo School, specializing in the disciplines of balancing and pair and aerial acrobatics.

She subsequently specialized on an individual level in acroyoga, hand in hand and the study of muscle strengthening and stretching necessary for acrobatic disciplines through the experience of training courses that she has organized since 2015.

Teaches: Street Art


Born in 1986, I am an actor, mime, author, director and researcher. I deal with communication, engaging and I am a coach and creative/strategic consultant for companies and artists.

After classical and university studies, I graduated from Philip Radice’s Atelier Teatro Fisico in 2013.

Jacopo Tealdi Art and strategic consultancy services are, to date, my main artistic and work projects.

Teaches: Com.Art


Having trained with the main exponents of contemporary Italian and European theatrical research, she embarks on her own personal artistic career with a strong sense of innovation and experimentation while keeping alive the roots of classicism and myth, which she always evokes in her way of experiencing the stage.

Constantly engaged both in the production of theatrical shows of her own conception and creation, and in careful studies and in-depth studies on the traces of the great masters of contemporary theater (with particular dedication to J. Grotowsky), she founded the Vintulerateatro Cultural Association, training, research and theatrical creation.

The association gives life to a very intense activity of research and permanent theatrical experimentation, which generates the Allenattore pedagogical project aimed at professionals, and the Itinerari dell’Essere project aimed at non-professionals.

High level training and research paths, active both at a national and international level, open to continuous metamorphosis but always aimed at everything that moves the visible and invisible of the Actor in relation to the Action.

“Constantly intent on a healthy ‘Re-search for Theatre’, with ever renewed energy and authentic amazement, I aspire and dedicate myself, “invisibly”, to the possibility of experimenting with new “cu(ltu)res”. Opening up to continuous listening to the Other, with a clear and attentive approach, for an authentic sharing of Poetry, Art and Beauty,…Allenattore is a place of Being through Action, anyone who wishes to be part of it has only one task… .learn to give.”

Teaches: Coach


He is an actor, theater therapist, educator.

From the beginning of his theatrical training, at the Artedrama Teatranza theater school, he has combined artistic research with personal research, combining the technical-theatrical aspects with the social ones.

While attending the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Turin, he deepened his knowledge of the techniques of Boal’s “Theatre of the Oppressed” and of social theater to subsequently graduate from the “Training School in Theater Therapy” directed by Walter Orioli .

In addition to the social field, he continues his training in the artistic field, graduating from the “Performing Art University Turin” directed by Philip Radice and from the “Mod.A.I Institute” directed by Marco Farinella, specializing in research on vocality.

Teaches: Voice / Projecting The Voice


Having graduated from the Atelier Teatro Fisico as an actress, she had the opportunity to deepen her artistic skills, taking an interest in the study of lighting technology with the help of expert teachers in the sector (Pierpaolo Nuzzo – Illuminotecnica 2015 and 2016, Dawn Wittke – Lighting Design 2016) .

She dedicates her activity to the study of light on stage, paying particular attention to the effects of light and color on stage psychology.

Over the course of these years you have collaborated with various companies as an audio / lighting technician and lighting design, such as Nuovelle Plague Teatro, ATF Company, Donkey flies when fly lies, Alfred the Magician, etc.

You are the technical manager of the Torino Fringe Festival 2019 and the official technician of the theater review of the Atelier Teatro Fisico Potpourri from 2016 to today.

Teaches: Lighting engineering


He has been a professional actor since 1996, a teacher of acting and theatrical improvisation at a national level, following the creation and direction of improvisation shows, cabaret, theatrical shorts and staging of contemporary texts.

He began his training with the members of the Dizziacs theatre, specializing in comic theatre, closely linked to the Lecoq school (Paris): mime, clowns, medieval buffoons, commedia dell’arte, bodily expression, neutral mask and naive mask.

He completes it through courses and thematic masters related to prose theater and cine-video television acting (ODS Dubbing and Entertainment Operators, DELTAFILM, Centro D, Pentaphone, DAMS Turin).

He deals with film and television acting and for three years he collaborated with RAI 2 children’s TV as an Actor Coach and Artistic Consultant.

Corporate trainer since 1995, he collaborates with various national entities, companies and coordinated projects.

Through improvisation and acting techniques he creates paths of: Team Building, Communication, Public Speaking, Leadership, Active Listening and Attention to the common result.

Teaches: Theatrical improvisation