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PAUT – Intensive program

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PAUT – Intensive program

P.A.U.T. PROGRAM: it is a 4-year study career divided in two phases. The first three years are dedicated to the physical theatre basics. The third year specifically is an in-depth study, further enhancing skills in devising theatre, understanding dramaturgical structures, and of course, developing acting and performance skills. To complete the program’s training, a fourth year is offered, bringing the study to an equivalence of a university laureate degree. This year focuses on four major projects: the interpretation of a character in a show under the direction of a guest director, the creation of a one-man show, directing and staging of a theatre play and study of Lecoq’s pedagogy and corporal expression.

HOW IS IT ORGANIZED? The P.A.U.T. program requires the student to attend every year a mnimum of 1000 credit hours of foresees mandatory evaluations.
Apart from the theatre and the compulsory subjects, the students will have to choose other courses among the several areas of the Satellite Courses, so as to reach or to exceed the required 1000 hours per year. During the first year, the compulsory courses cover all the areas. Starting from the second year the students will be increasingly autonomous in defining their own study programme. At the end of the training path, each student (supervised by the pedagogical team) will be required to create a solo show, at least 30-minute-long for the 1st level diploma and at least 60-minute-long for the 2nd level diploma.

– P.A.U.T. Diploma: 3000 credit hours after 3 years of study
– P.A.U.T. Diploma Advanced Studies: 4000 credit hours after 4 years of study

STUDY PLAN: First yearSecond yearThird yearFourth year

THEATER TEACHERS: Philip Radice, Calogero Marchese, Giorgia Dell’Uomo, Marcello Turco.