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Clown Comedy College

Clown Comedy College

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Clown Comedy College

Clowning is the art of making people laugh

Anyone who wishes to play the role of clown competently must have a mastery and refinement of the technique of Mime and Visual Comedy, combined with the skills of an actor.

The aim of the course is to understand how this objective can be achieved through a performative skill as ancient as Greek tragedy – comedy.

Starting from the study of the historic circus clown, we will travel through different techniques and styles, thus discovering many new possibilities for making the audience laugh. This knowledge, integrated with the character traits of each participant with different cultural and emotional experiences, allows you to obtain a personal clown and a unique performance style.

Here is the Clown and Comedy College from the words of Philip Radice:

I would like to take a moment to announce and talk about the new initiative the Atelier Teatro Fisico intends to propose for the year 2023.

A special interest and need regarding the art of comedy has come to our attention in recent years. For the past 15 years we have had a specific class dedicated to the study of comedians and comedy. But in recent years we have noticed how the demand to become a clown has increased considerably, one of the main reasons given by those who enroll in our programs is precisely the study of comedians and clowns. Up to now the physical theater atelier has taught the art of clowning and comedy but not in a specialization context, because the need for a physical theater school was more urgent than that of a specialization in this area.

Over the years I have noticed that there is not only the need to study the art of clowning but precisely that of understanding and applying the techniques of how to be a comedian. In English when we refer to being a comedian we also refer to the artist, the person who by his nature and propensity tends to make others laugh. The art of comedy as a genre requires special attention, which we have noticed in other schools and approaches mainly translates into the study of the art of clowning. Clown who is the quintessential character who has always had the objective of making people laugh in a physical way.

When Jacques Lecoq brought the study of the clown to his school he intended to reintroduce and reinvent something that he now considered a dead art, he wanted to bring it back to life in its essence but in a new modern way. His attempt was so successful as to bring back alive the art of making people laugh through the character of the clown especially in the context of European theater. Over the years this genre has been developed and reworked so many times, with additions of style and ways, that a complete and separate study of the art of comedy has become necessary, which can now be divided into different genres.

For this reason the Atelier Teatro Comico is pleased to announce the introduction of the ATF Clown and Comedy College in which more than 800 hours of study will be dedicated in two years to the art of visual comedy, through the study of the clown, the jester , of the eccentric character, of slapstick, and all the genres that can train an artist to become a “visual comedian”.

For further details and information contact the Atelier Teatro Fisico 011/2490112 – 348/1026073 –