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Support the future of Physical Theater with your Donation!

Dear visitor,

The Atelier Teatro Fisico is a place where ideas come to life through movement and bodily expression. Our school, founded on Lecoq’s precious pedagogy, is a beacon of innovation and artistic education.

Every day, our students face creative challenges, explore new territories of theatrical art, and strive to advance this vision. But we need your help to continue this mission.

Liberal donations to our school not only support daily operations, but also fuel the dreams and aspirations of our students. Every contribution, large or small, is an investment in the future of physical theater and the growth of emerging talent.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that your donations are deductible at 30% on your tax return. This means you can support our school while gaining significant tax benefits.

Join us in encouraging creativity, cultivating art, and shaping the future of physical theater. Donate today and help us continue to light up the stage with the beauty of human performance.

Thank you for your precious support.